12 DIY Home Decor Ideas

12 DIY Home Decor Ideas

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We all want to make our home to look beautiful and interesting, but without spending much. That’s why Dezine Innovation, the best architect in delhi ncr have gather the 12 most interesting DIY Home Decor Ideas, to help you refresh your home in a fun and easy way. Another advantage is that you can explore your personal style, when you decorate your home yourself.

Let’s look at some of the best DIY home decor ideas by the best architect in delhi ncr:

  1. Starburst Mirror:

starburst mirror

Collect some spare pieces of wood, a circular mirror and glue, and get started with making your own starburst mirror. Starburst mirrors prove to be an excellent bedroom décor. They are easy to make, long lasting and doesn’t requires maintenance.


  1. Hanging Yarn Art:

hanging yarn art

It’s an easy to make hanging wall art and gives your home the look of modern art. All you need is some yarn, a rod and a pair scissors and you are good to go. Give your art whatever design that reflects your personality, it can be a simple pattern or a playing cards-spade.


  1. Wind Chimes:

wind chime

There is no limit how creative you can think while making your own wind chime. You can use waste material to make one or you can use colorful pieces of glass and place it near the window that receives good amount of sunlight, and have your own rainbow chime.


  1. Tape Wall:

tape wall

DIY your own room décor with washi tapes. Just stick the tape to the wall in any way you want, you can go with geometric pattern or just line up the tapes straight and have a textured wall or have a pattern like plus signs all over the wall.


  1. Teacup Candles:

teacup candle

Having an extra cup-plate set? Turn it into something interesting, just melt some wax into the cup and place a wick in it. But here comes the part of personalize touch, for this you can add more candle dye, your favorite scent or go with transparent gel wax.


  1. String Art:

string art

It’s an inexpensive retro art, which is seeing a comeback. You don’t require any special skill or material to make one. You just need to have some design in mind and realize that design on a piece of wooden board with the help of strings and nails, as shown in the image.


  1. Gallery Wall:

gallery wall

Make a wall of your home at which you can just stare all day without tiring out. Fill this wall with your favorite collection of art, postcards, coins or any other thing that fancies you. You can also choose a theme for this wall and paint it accordingly or go with a frame for the portion of wall that show cases your collection.


  1. Wall Lamp:

wall lamp

Lighting sets the mood for the room, but it can be challenging to set the right mood in budget. But this problem can be overcome with the DIY wall lamps, just design your own wall lamp. You just need to make a lamp shade and have a plug-in light kit.


  1. Decorative Vases:

decorative vase

This is probably the simplest DIY in this list, which can be done at in a very nominal budget. You just need some old wine bottles or jars and paint them white. Decorate that in what ever way you want and place some lively flowers, with some water in it.


  1. Mason Jar Decorative:

mason jar

Transparent major jars are proved to be a beautiful decorative piece if filled with right things. You can have your own home garden in them, just place a few major jars on table and fill them fill soil and table plants. You can also fill them with colorful stuff like colored water and oil, which makes a beautiful piece.


  1. Coffee Mug Rack:

cofffee mug rack

They are quick to make and can also be utilize in daily life along with decorating your home. For this you just need to paint a pallet, decorate it and have some cup hooks nailed in it. It’ a fun and stylish way to showcase your favorite mugs.


  1. Pom Pom DIY:

pom pom

Just make your own pom poms and use them for decoration in any way you want. Make a garland out of them or have rug made of pom pom. You need to have some yarn, carboard and a pair of scissors to make pom poms. After having pom poms ready, it’s all your creativity and innovation.


DIY home decor ideas helps you to personalize it and sets the mood of it according to yourself. Whether you decide to go with hanging wall decors, wall gallery, mason jar decorative or with customize pom pom stuff, each of these things reflects your style, which you can never have with the ready-made stuff purchased from the market. And if you want to go a step further and have you whole home interior customized according to your style; Dezine Innovation, the best architect in delhi ncr can help you with that. Let’s meet over a cup of coffee and discuss your needs.

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