Flooring Trends 2020

Flooring Trends 2020

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Thinking to have a new floor for your home? A well-planned floor not only improves the aesthetics of the home but also improves the functionality and increases the value of the house. But choosing a floor design can be a daunting task and just going with the random design will be the waste of money, time and energy. That’s why Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in Delhi NCR, has brought to you this list of the top flooring trends of 2020 to keep your home up to date.

Flooring Trends of 2020 by Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in Delhi NCR:

  1. Fumed Wood Flooring

fumed wood flooring

Fumed wood flooring has a rich dark tone and an enhanced natural grain of the wood. To give wood this rich colour and graining it has to be processed in a chamber where airborne ammonia is released. That’s the reason it’s different from all the other type of wood flooring, which are generally prepared after undergoing some kind of staining to give them the desired final finish. Fumed wood flooring feels much more luxurious and attractive than the stained wood flooring.


  1. Patterned Wood Flooring:

patterned wood flooring

Want to give your flooring a unique look? Then the simplest way is to use the regular flooring material differently. We all are familiar with the side by side wood flooring, which still is a good and practical option. But what if you want to give your home design a twist? Then you can go we a patterned wood layout to give your home a more decorative feel. In this design, the basic material remains the same but the creativity differs. Which means that without putting the extra burden to your pocket, you can have a better interior design for your home.


  1. Black & White

black and white flooring

One thing that never goes out of fashion is the use of black and white. Same goes with flooring, you can go with a black and white tile design, which can easily go with your kitchen and corridor. What differs now is the use of bolder graphics and luxurious tiles. This way you can establish a perfect combination of vintage and contemporary designs and can make your home stand out from the rest.


  1. Vinyl Flooring:

vinyl flooringVinyl flooring is the water and stain resistant flooring, which is versatile and provides good durability for its cost. It’s a popular option among homeowners because of a wide a spectrum of styles, colours, textures and patterns. The demand for high quality Vinyl flooring is continuously increasing as it’s difficult to distinguish between high quality vinyl and stone, wood plank and ceramic tile. And costs only a fraction of them, so it’s a pocket friendly bet when compared to other options.


  1. Porcelain Tiles

porcelain floor

They are the wood-look tiles and have the features that sound too good to be true. They look so similar to wood and one can easily mistake them for wood. They give your home the feel of wood without any fear of wear and tear or risk of scratching. Plus, they are way easier to maintain. These tiles are moister resistant which makes them highly durable, all with the availability of the options to choose from.


  1. Laminated Flooring

laminated flooring

Laminated flooring has gained quick popularity because of its easy maintenance over the hardwood flooring. And with time the options of laminated flooring are also increasing, providing the homeowner with the wide variety to choose from. The latest trends are of lighter colours with wide planks and rustic feel. Now laminated flooring has developed so much that people can no longer tell the difference between them in the real wood.


  1. Carpet Trend

carpet flooring

There is a plethora of design elements like colour, pattern, texture and plushness are available in the soft surface category. Today stylish and high performing carpets are available that complements consumer’s unique curated living spaces, and excelling in both designs and functionality. Fibre available today is also far more superior then what it uses to be, which make carpet flooring more practical than before.


  1. Reclaimed Wood Flooring

reclaimed wood flooring

For the fans of the warm rustic look, this is the option to go with because of its colour variations and distressed look. Although with the advancement of technology reclaimed wood floor looking tiles are also available in the market but the main factor that makes reclaimed wood different is that it promotes a sustainable way of living, as it’s an eco-friendly approach and it’s even more durable.


We have discussed various flooring options you can go with to have a modern and stylish home. Today what homeowners want is the open and airy feel in their home, while having a unique design and texture. The good thing is that now more style, variety and better quality of material is available than anytime before. But if you are still facing problem with your flooring, Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in Delhi NCR, is here to help you out. Connect with us now.

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