Guide for Buying Furniture

Guide for Buying Furniture

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Having a newly painted home with sparkling marble floor? And pondering over the type of furniture that’s the right match for your home and space. Then you are at the right place, in this article we are going to discuss about the factors that you should be keeping in mind while purchasing new furniture and the types of furniture that will go best with your home. To learn, continue reading this guide, brought to you by Dezine Innovation, the best home interior designer in Delhi.

There are certain elements and features that determines whether a furniture is a right fit for your home or not. Let’s talk about them in detail.
1. Size:
Size of the furniture should be in proportion to the size of the room. For this you can decide where you are going to place a furniture piece in the room and measure that area for the better understanding of the size of the furniture which will go there. For example, if you are having a small room, then it’s better to go with fewer large furniture, rather then many small ones, which will avoid the crowing in the room.

2. Style:
It’s important for your furniture to match the tone of your room. It should not look out of place, for example a mild steel sofa set with leather upholstery will not go with embroidered cushions, block printed curtains, lots of Indian artefacts and curios. Colour of your wall should also match your furniture colour. For a small room, minimalist furniture will be a good option and for a larger one Victorian style furniture will be the one. For this purpose, have a picture in mind the way you want your room to look and shop accordingly.

3. Material:
Comfort and longevity of the furniture depends on the material used in its building. Furniture made up of solid wood is not a good choice, instead you should go with solid oak wood or cherry wood or ash wood. After which comes the finishing, you can check which type of finishing is use on furniture by using the solvents. If finishing dissolves in acetone, then it’s nitrocellulose lacquer, if it dissolves in alcohol, then it’s shellac or otherwise it can be varnish, polyurethane, catalyzed lacquer etc. Fabric of the furniture should also ne keep in mind as it gives tone to the furniture and determines its comfort.

Now that we know the factors to be keep in mind while purchasing a new furniture, let’s talk about things to consider while buying this particular furniture:
1. Sofa:

It’s the most important furniture for your living room, so it should be the right fit for it. Along with the style of the room, you also need to consider the use of the sofa. Sofa you purchase should fulfill your needs, for this it’s important to choose the right type of sofa. There are many options available in the market like sectional sofa, recliner, tuxedo etc. If you are looking for comfort while watching sports o the TV, then recliner sofas will be a good choice. But if you looking for something for family room, then a large curved sofa will be good.

2. Bed:

A bed is an essential element for a good night sleep and the overall look of your bedroom. So, along with the comfort you also need to see the style and design of the bed. You can choose the style, design and height of the bed according to your needs, today beds are available in all sizes and customizations. Along with the master bedroom’s bed, you also need to thing about the bed for other rooms. Like for children’s room, you can go with bunk bed or toddler bed for small ones or add some regular beds in guest rooms etc.

3. Dining Chair:

Dining chair
Dining chairs are a major part of the dining room, it not only needs to be comfortable but stylish also. For many of us we spend major junk of our time on dining table, not only while eating but for different activities also. Like kids do their homework there, we do chit chats there after having food or pay our bills there. We also serve our guest there, which makes it important to be stylish. Type of dining chair depends on the size of room, how you use it and your styling choices.

4. Coffee Table:

Coffee Table
Before buying a coffee table you should have a shape and size in mind. Often a coffee table being the focal point of the room, ends up fulfilling many purposes. You should choose the material for the coffee table carefully; its material will not only determine its look but also its life. If you having a toddler at home you would not want to go with glass top coffee table or with cheap finishing.


Choosing the right furniture is all part of the interior designing and with year of practice we have developed specialization in this and brought to this Guide to buying furniture. If you are still struggling in finding the right match of furniture for your home or with the overall interior designing of your home, we will be glad to help you out. Connect with Dezine Innovation, home interior designer in delhi, now.
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