Guide to Modular Kitchen

Guide to Modular Kitchen

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Now a days every modern kitchen design turns out to be a modular kitchen, as it ensures the more efficient use of space. This can be done through the use of different modules of furniture for your kitchen, made up of different kind of materials. This modular furniture facilitated the storage of kitchen accessories inside the cabinet or drawer, which can be easily pulled out. For all these reasons, modular kitchen is the need of the hour. That’s why Dezine Innovation, the best Indian home interior designer has brought to this modular kitchen guide.

Types of modular kitchen you can go with:

  1. Side-Wall

straight kitchen design

Side-wall or straight kitchen design is the ideal option for the small Indian homes. This design includes a long counter on a single wall that accommodates hobs, sinks and other cooking appliances. For storage, wall mounted cabinets and under the counter cabinets can be used. It ensures the minimal use of space for the kitchen, without compromising on the utility. It is also a good option for busy cooks, who want everything near to their hands.


  1. Parallel

parallel kitchen design

Need more storage space? Then parallel kitchen design is a better option for you instead of side-wall one. As it offers storage and cooking space on both the sides, but it is better to keep the hob, sink and refrigerator on the same side for better efficiency during cooking. But you need to keep in mind to keep the counters at least 3 feet apart for free movement.


  1. L-Shape

l shape kitchen design

L-shape modular kitchen is the placement of counters at a right angle to each other. This design is suitable for both small kitchen and open layouts. As in small kitchen, it offers efficiency in the use of space as well as in the working. And in open layouts, it allows the space for the placement of a dinner table in the room. The length of the cabinets can be adjusted according to the space available on either side, as you can go with equal ones or with a small and another bigger one also.


  1. U-Shaped

u shape kitchen design

As the name suggests, in this design the layout of the kitchen is in U shape. Which means the counter will be running along the 3 sides of the kitchen. This design is for medium and large size kitchens and it ensures the most efficient use of space in them, as all the appliances are in the easy reach of hands. It also offers a large storage space, as cabinets are built under the counter running on the 3 sides.


Importance of the kitchen cannot be undermined by any of us. Today a kitchen is not only a place where we use to cook, but it has evolved into something far more important, it is a place where after having a busy day, a family comes together at the end of the day and spend time together. A well-designed modular kitchen is not only for aesthetics of the kitchen but also to facilitates our busy lifestyle. To get your old kitchen converted into a sophisticated modular kitchen connect with the best Indian home interior designer now.

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