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Home Décor Hacks

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Looking for a quick and clever solution to your home décor problems? Dezine Innovation, the best interior designers in Delhi has brought for you a perfect compendium of Home Décor Hacks. Home décor hacks are all about easy DIY tips and tricks. With these simple tricks, you can make your home more practical and functional or you can re-purpose things. Moreover, these hacks are fun and interesting to do.

Let’s have a look at these hacks from Dezine Innovation, the best interior designers in Delhi.

  1. Use a rope to hang stuff

curtains hang with rope

You can use jute rope to hang stuff like curtains and mirrors, which will give them a nautical touch. Jute rope looks different from the rest of the design which makes it favorable or home décor purpose. Plus, it’s easy and economical.


  1. Paint the side of the door

door side paint

Pain the side portion of the door different from the rest of the door colour, preferably with a contrasting and vibrant colour, which gives is a subtle touch. It’s a very minimalistic touch to the décor of the room but it’s a delight to see whenever the door opens.


  1. Paint the side of the drawers

drawer side

Side of the drawers are often left unpainted but just like the side of the door, it too can be painted with contrasting and vibrant colours. And with drawers, you can go with different colours for different drawers too, which will give it a rainbow effect.


  1. Partial paint Walls

partial paint

You can make your room look more spacious and higher with this little trick. Paint the walls of your home partially and leave the upper half unpainted of pain it in the same colour as the ceiling. This trick is especially helpful for the low ceiling rooms.


  1. Turn an ironing board into a table

ironing table

An ironing board looks good as a table showcasing your photos and decorative, especially a vintage ironing table. As modern ironing tables are padded so need a quick makeover that makes them it’s suitable for this. It can easily replace your gallery wall of your do not have much to display.


  1. Use necklace as tiebacks

necklace tieback

Wants to add a little glamour to your home decor? For this, you can look into your jewellry box and pick a piece you no longer use and can use it as a tieback for your curtains. It’s a simple trick which can add glamour to your room and gives it a royal look.


  1. Marble contact paper

marble contact paper

You can make any furniture interesting with marble contact paper. It can be used on a wide variety of furniture, from small ones to the large and can completely refresh their feel.


  1. Refill your cushions


New sofas and couches have a different feel to them but after some time they tend to become shaggy. But they can be restored to their former feel by just having them refilled and if you’re having zipper cushions then you can do it yourself too. Just keep on adding cotton to them until they look like new.


  1. Decorate your headboard


Having a boring and plain headboard? It can be fixed easily with just some extra fabric. You can use a blanket or scarf for this purpose or if you want a particular design you can purchase a fabric specifically for this, customized according to its size and the design you want.


  1. Pom-Pom Rug

pom pom rug

It’s an easy DIY project that you can do in your free time and can make a rug of the pom-pom, it can be used for bathroom or entryway. But if you become really good at this then you can make a big one for your living room.


  1. Hide cords with a tiny fence

little fences

There are cords and wired running along the floor, but they can be hidden in a very cute way. You can make a little fence for the sides o your floor and can hide these cords behind them. These fences can be made yourself with some wood boards.


  1. Replace Hardware

door knob

A little hardware replacement here and there in your home can make a big difference in your home décor. Change of doorknobs, curtain rod or switch plates can make a big difference to your décor.


  1. Hang artwork with clothes hanger

Want to hang your casual art? Clothe hangers can prove to be a good bet. They look different from the normal norm and gives your room a cheerful look. This is an incredible idea for kids’ art especially.


  1. Photo Frame with tape

photo frame with tape

Washi tapes are a wonderful tool in home décor, they can be used for many things. In this case, it can be used to make a photo frame for an art. Just paste your art on the wall and draw it frame with the washi tape.


From these hacks, it’s pretty clear that home décor is not a difficult task. All you need is some idea and creativity. Most of these hacks can be done with the stuff already present in the home and don’t put pressure on the pocket. Now it’s time for you to go and try them out.

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