8 Home Exterior Design Trends

8 Home Exterior Design Trends

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Although a home exterior design trend is supposed to remain in trend for at least 5 to 8 years, but in this fast-changing world, home designs are also keeping pace with the world and are constantly upgrading. If you are getting a new home constructed or having an old one renovated, it becomes important to know about the latest trends in the market. This helps your home to stand out in the crowd and makes it look fresh for a longer period. To keep you ahead of others, Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in Delhi has prepared a list of the home exterior designs that are in trend.

Home exterior design trends by Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in Delhi:

  1. Colonial House:

colonial design


Colonial home designs are inspired by early Dutch, English, French, and Spanish settlers in the American colonies. They are generally built of woods or bricks and have symmetrical facades and gable roofs. To give them authentic look, today’s colonial designed houses include doorways accentuated with transoms and sidelights, multi-pane, double hung windows, fanlights, Palladian windows, narrow overhangs, dormers, dentil moldings and low-pitched roofs.


  1. Royal Designing:

royal home

Purpose of such designs is to give the home a royal look, this royal look can be pick as per the preference of individuals, as some may like Indian palace look, some may prefer British vibes or you can go with Spanish style. But some features are common in all these styles like manicured lawn, statue in front like that of a flying bird etc. And if you are going with Indian design, an emblem of the sun engraved on the stone platform is a good idea.


  1. Shades of Grey:

shades of grey

For many years now neutrals are in trend and grey comes out to be the first preference of many designers. Different shades of grey to the home exterior gives it a classic vibe. Grey can be use in any form, from plain paint to grey shaded stone wall. With the correct combination of different shades of grey, you can make your home stand out and stay ahead of the trends.


  1. Floor to Ceiling Glass:

floor to ceiling window

Windows and doors have always been an important design statement for both the interior and exterior designing. And with the start of a new decade, they are also adopting a new dimension. Full size, floor to ceiling windows and doors are coming in trend. 2020 is going to be about more openness and glass panel windows and door, which when opens up, connects the room to the outside space is going to dominate.


  1. Open Brick Wall Design:

open brick design

Open brick designs have their own elegance and relaxing charm. You can go with any look you want with this, for example, you can opt for carved railing made of wrought iron covers the terrace, balcony and even the security of the gate thus giving it a uniform look. Giving your home a theme under this is also an option, by giving a light coat of paint to the open brick wall.


  1. Outdoor Living:

outdoor living

Bringing the inside out is going to be in trend this year and exterior living is going to be popular. Once which was only considered for patio furniture and a grill, has now evolved to give full indoor experience with the inclusion of TV, an entire kitchen and dining area. So, now outdoor living is no longer your yard extension, but an important piece of the home by having an innovative deck that enhances the curb appeal and use of space.


  1. Industrial Style:

Industrial style

Open brick wall, mosaic of stones, dark grey slanting roof supported by concrete, colonial style two window rooms on the roof, the curves of ventilator, windows on upper floor, the parapets of stone and concrete and a pinch of aesthetics are enough to give any home an industrial look. The Industrial look gives your home bold vibes and vigour feeling. This same style can be use for interiors as well or you can also go with industrial exterior and modern interior design.


  1. Modern Homes:

Modern home

Modern designing of the home brings the natural and urban beauty together in the design of the home. Modern home designs are primarily dominated by the use of toughened glass, steel and concrete. Open floor plan, greenery inside the home and a beautiful garden right inside the boundaries, are the signature characteristics of this style.


The good thing about these home exterior design trends is that they are doable and you can choose any one of them or some combination according to your preference. Trends show what people want to see in a house and house build on latest trend not only increase its value but also increase its staying power. Now the only thing left is to add the wow factor to your home and we are always glad to help you in this. To give your home a compete makeover, connect with Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in Delhi, now.

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