How an interior designer work?

How an interior designer work?

Residential Interiors

Who are interior designers? – Designer work is to use space effectively and to enhance the quality and safety of interior areas while making them aesthetically pleasing, with this training they combine knowledge of building codes, critical and creative thinking, psychology and technology for the purpose of improving quality of life.

A group of professionals who work with design and skill ability to provide happiness and satisfaction to client. They re-create the vibe of your home or office. Interior designing is much more than what you see on TV. It is sometimes simple or many a times complex. It ranges from being as small as one room cabin or as large as cruise ship.
Interior designer work is divided in 6 stages-

  1. Know your customer
  2. Contract documents
  3. Design development
  4. Programming process
  5. Material selection
  6. Construction administration
  1. Know your customer (KYC):


    It is essential to understand the customer and their individual needs before working on the project. So, in this phase we survey our client for in-depth understanding of their requirements like health & safety, privacy, eco-friendliness etc. and then we survey the work-place for measurement of floor and walls and its existing fixture and furnishing. Based on the study we come up with 2-3 plans, with different attributes and show them to client and then client finalizes one of the plans he finds suitable.

  2. Contract documents:

    In this, working documents are prepared for the contractor on the basis of previous step. Which mentions the dimensions of the site, finalize design, furnishings, fixtures, equipment and finishes required for completing the project. But most important of these are administration of documents for bidding, review proposals with the client to ensure quality & fair pricing and client review & approval. All these things are bind into a legal contract between the client and designer.

  3. Design development:

    This is the brainstorming process of translating the information gather in KYC process into a floor-plan with our skills, problem solving psychology, colour theory and environmental design. We rearrange the spaces for the best future and current use of the space by the client. And show this floor-plan to client for any modification if he wants to make and modify them on the spot to match the client’s needs.

  4. Perspective:

    After finalization of floor plan by the client we start working on the 3-D drawing of the place by refining the concepts of schematic design and adding furniture and fixtures to it. Now design becomes to look clear and stars to look like something. To make place more aesthetically pleasing other elements are also been taken care of like colour palette, wall coverings & systems, flooring, ceiling & window treatments, mouldings etc. It is miniature look of the place, of how it will look after completion, created with the help of computer software and shown to the client for one final approval before any work starts at the site.

  5. Material Selection:

    In this we choose the appropriate material based on their application like acoustic tiles for commercial purpose and based on the overall tone of the design prepared. It is also an important cost factor for the client as the quality of material is selected according to client’s budget and needs as there are various alternatives available to choose from like there is variety of marbles, hardware, fixtures to choose from with different price tags.

  6. Construction administration:

    Now that all the things are finalize, we ensure that the actual construction work conforms with the drawings and the specifications. For this work we provide client different sub- contractors for different work like for demolishing, for plumbing etc. who works under our supervision and if client want to hire his own sub-contractor, we provide them assistance in doing so and supervise them to ensure synchronization. We also ensure that the work is progressing on schedule & as planned.

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