How To Choose The Best Material For House?

How To Choose The Best Material For House?

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Getting the right material for house can be an overwhelming task, especially If you are going for a custom home. Moreover these things can not be done again and again because of the cost and hard work involved, which make it important to get it right the first time. That’s why Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in gurgaon has brought this guide

There are many factors to be taken care of while choosing the right material for house, some of which are discussed in detail below:

  1. Room Measurements:

    First thing to do is to get the good idea of room size and what size of furniture will go with it, depending upon the purpose of the room. Then mark out the spaces where you will be setting up the furniture and space to left free for walking. There is need to be balance between the occupied and free space to ensure efficiency in the design.

  2. Energy Efficiency:

    Natural light and fresh air play a big role in this as a good design, which allows maximum natural light to come in and good ventilation can save the cost of artificial lighting appliances and air conditioning. Often cheap material is not energy efficient and choosing the good insulation quality material for walls, windows, doors and roof can offset the cost of its material.

  3. Focal Point:

    Your home should reflect your personality and it should be the focal point for the design. Anything which is dear to you can be used as a reference like an antique mirror, a lovely chandelier, a mink vase or even a cherished painting and rest of the design will be centred around it. This will make the home entirely yours and will evoke your touch everywhere.

  4. Colour Selection:

    To make the place aesthetically more pleasing correct colour selection and combination plays an important role, it depicts the overall theme of the design. That’s why if your design is already centred around a focal point then colours should also be according to it. There are other factors also which needs to be kept in mind, like the size of the room if room size is small then light shades are preferable as it gives the spacious feel to the room. Or contrasting colours can be chosen to gain attention to a self of photograph.

  5. Life-Style Matching:  


    It’s important for your home design to match the practicality of your life style and choose the material accordingly. For example, if you are a stay-at-home mom with three kids then soapstone countertops can not be your first choice because of its uptight maintenance. There is no strict rule book for this but one need to find their own style to bring the space to life and to give it character. You can choose the design to be modern or classic or some fusion of it to match your needs.

  6. Favourite Spot Building:

    Everyone has one favourite spot at their home with their name written all over it. Home designing is all about making that one spot more comfortable. You need to keep experimenting with the positioning of furniture to find the perfect sweet spot to make your space truly yours.

After working on these elements, upfront cost and your budget comes into the picture and it is one of the most important deciding factors while choosing the material for house, available in the market. Often budget is limited so it becomes important to find the cost-effective solutions that looks exactly like the expensive options. But generally cheaper material tends to requires often replacement which offsets the cost in long run, which make it important to consider life expectancy in addition to the upfront cost of material. For pocket friendly alternatives, continue reading this guide, brought to you by Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in gurgaon.

Some of the inexpensive material for house that can shine up your interior are:

  1. Plywood:
    It’s a bunch of glued together sheets of wood which is not glamorous in itself. But it can make a strong design statement if used in a correct way to highlight rest of the designing like use for built-ins and shelving.
  2. Ceramic tiles for floor & walls:
    Ceramic tiles give premium look to floor and walls, which comes in variety of printed designs. These are water resistant which make them suitable for humid locations and bathrooms. And their hardness gives them extra durability. Adding to all this their low cost and easy maintenance makes them more preferable option.
  3. Acoustic Tiles:
    Primarily known for their sound absorbing and remitting ability, they are also kind of mod and cool looking. It can be used in panel walls for sophisticated look and should be use unpainted or visual effect.

Although there can be infinite things to consider while planning an interior design for your home but the first step is to understand your needs and expectation for your personal space. It must be comfortable where you can spend your day in leisure, your goal is to get to that end. But your home designing process should also be comfortable and we love to help in doing so, connect with Dezine Innovation, the best interior designer in Gurgaon, now.
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