Most Recent Office Interior Designing Project

Most Recent Office Interior Designing Project

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Office interior designing project is a very systematic process involving the right decisions taken in the right phase of planning. It involves programming in which we have to understand the requirements of our client and the work-place which we have to design then all the contract documents are prepared, mentioning every detail of the project decided so far and designer and the client enters into a legal contract Based on all this we come up with a few schematic designs with different floor plans and client choose one of them according to his needs.

After which we move on to the design development phase, in which we prepare a 3-D drawing of the finalized schematic design by adding other elements to it like walls, windows, ceiling, moldings, etc. and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

Now that the design is ready the next step is the selection of material like fixtures and furnishings, hardware, etc., which is to be installed in office. Material is selected according to the budget and needs of the client. The next step is to create the final perspective of the place by integrating the elements prepared and decided above, with the help of computer software, which is easily understandable and gives the miniature view of the future office.

After which actual work starts at the site under our supervision over the sub-contractors for different work like a contractor for demolishing, a contractor for plumbing, etc. We ensure that the work progresses as per schedule & plan and delivers beyond the expectations of the client.

Some details of our recent interior designing project:
We have also completed one such project recently near the Barakhamba road and were able to achieve to deliver beyond the expectations of client once again.

Here are some highlights from that office interior designing project:
• Conference Room:

An ideal conference room should reflect the requirements of the clients and the comfort of the employees who will be using it. We had taken every such thing into consideration and came up with the room which will provide:

  1. Enough natural lightning
  2. Respect personal space
  3. High-Quality Audio and Video Equipment
  4. Right colors to maintain employee motivation
  5. Keep distractions to a minimum

• Restroom:

Getting your bathroom right is a key aspect of a well-designed office. When your layout and fittings are a good match for your office’s needs, you’ll create a functional space for the employees, that’s why we had given special attention to:

  1. Overall layout
  2. Proper lighting
  3. Comfort
  4. Good ventilation

• Pantry:

To keep your employees refreshed, active and happy, it is essential to design a ‘happening’ pantry – one that exudes positivity and helps them relax for a while. And we helped our client to achieve the same by:

  1. Providing sufficient space for mobility.
  2. Suggesting appropriate furniture.
  3. Spacious serving area.
  4. Providing adequate space for appliances.
  5. Appropriate color and lighting.

• Cabins:

This is a place where employees spend most of their time so it becomes important to make it comfortable, interesting and aesthetically pleasing. So, we had taken care of all such these things:

  1. Balance between privacy and openness
  2. Free from noise and disturbance
  3. Interaction between employees

• Reception Area:

It’s the first thing which any client or employee sees when they enter your office. It reflects the culture of your office, its values and a glimpse of its environment. The most important thing for your company is to project a sense of expertise and professionalism, the main purpose of the front desk might be to evoke feelings of trustworthiness, efficiency, and competency. And we helped them in this by:

  1. Creating a spacious receiving area.
  2. Proper combination of color and light
  3. Beautiful graphics and décor
  4. Comfortable waiting lounge.

• MD Office:

MD’s office must be the place which reflects the formal and royal environment but with soft attitude. It should be designed in such a manner that is can please both formal and informal guest, keeping in mind the confidentiality on a Md. So, we have taken care of:

  1. Combination of formal and informal design.
  2. Healthy environment with proper lighting and ventilation.
  3. Furniture placement and fabric used.
  4. Private space.

There is more to show, but we want you to sit with us over a coffee and enjoy our work. Let’s create the best for you. Let’s design.
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