The human anatomy is effective at adopting a very nearly endless selection of poses and roles.

The human anatomy is effective at adopting a very nearly endless selection of poses and roles.

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The human anatomy is effective at adopting a very nearly endless selection of poses and roles.

Face Down Leg Raise

Lying on the front side, face down, feet right, tight together and feet pointed, the slavegirl must raise her feet in terms of she will. This is certainly a test that is interesting of with bones going against their normal variety of motion, but shouldn’t be forced with bondage (especially maybe perhaps not in the event that torso is tied down)! Dislocated bones aren’t elegant or pleasant.

Diana’s Bow

This really appealing variation on the facial skin down leg raise brings the arms returning to cup the buttocks, and often additionally raises your head notably to really make the bend associated with bow symmetrical. Inspite of the extreme attraction regarding the place as well as the implied invitation of this fingers prepared to spread the cheeks regarding the buttocks to give you access front or back, it really is completely chaste (thus the allusion that is classical back, feet together and outstretched, fingers together above mind outstretched, toes pointed. The virgin that is classic away on a sacrificial altar pose.On straight straight back, fingers above mind and outstretched, feet as wide apart since it is possible to be but nevertheless on to the floor, feet pointed. This sacrificial place indicates that it really is a sacrifice of virginity, as opposed to of a virgin thus the term “slut lose”.

Thighs Up

Topic lies on her behalf straight straight back along with her feet directly, raised vertically upwards, feet position that is pointed.This exceptionally beneficial to bastinado. In the event that ankles and knees are bound together, a rope could be passed away through the straight straight back of this ankle knot (along side it for the tops regarding the foot as opposed to the soles so that you can keep access that is clear the soles) and tangled up to a suspension system point. Toe ties may be used to maintain the legs a lot more in place, particularly making use of slim cords across the big toe can avoid the slavegirl crossing her feet up to protect a definite spot during bastinado. The closeness associated with the foot together does make focusing on the arches somewhat trickier, however the chance of backhand “passing strokes” hitting both soles often provides compensation that is sufficient. In the event that targeting proves an excessive amount of a challenge, it’s possible to connect the rope with sufficient room amongst the ankles and secure with proper cinching on the space to steadfastly keep up the separation, if not make use of a tiny spreader club.

Securing the slavegirl’s fingers for bastinado can provide dilemmas. In the event that slavegirl is within the arms above mind pit of doom place shown right right here, a rope may be taken up to a wall surface stanchion. Nonetheless, experiment indicates the combining this tie by having a balltie, with all the hands covered round the feet underneath the knees and fastened to the leg rope at that degree maximises the helplessness for the slavegirl. body Weight taken on hands, hands directly, legs curled somewhat under to permit feet become pointed. The positioning resembles compared to a sprinter in beginner’s obstructs, ergo the title. it really is an invitation that is open inflict bastinado while the slavegirl is in a anxiety place.


The human anatomy is effective at adopting a nearly unlimited selection of poses and jobs. Some of those poses are awkward, unsightly or ungainly they are improper for a Restrained beauty slavegirl to adopt, for a Restrained beauty slavegirl ought to be alluring, elegant so when gorgeous as you possibly can, whether in bondage or away from bondage. Listed here is a lexicon of named poses and roles, along side more general modifiers and information that may assist Masters in indicating the career they want their slavegirl to look at. The jobs in this part that is second of lexicon are those where the slavegirl may be tied up. Thanks to WykD Dave from Ropetopia for helping us down with all the rigging of a number of the Japanese inspired ties seen below.

Of course, mistakes when you look at the terminology are ours, perhaps perhaps perhaps not Dave’s 🙂

They may also be us joyfully renaming things therefore it sounds more enjoyable to us. As constantly, they are our names when it comes to roles that people utilize on shoots for Restrained Elegance. They have beenn’t ‘official’. Because of the real method, we do not actually talk like misogynistic 1950’s experts in actual life. Well, seldom, anyhow. We do not suggest any one of this really ( with the exception of the relative side records on security). It really is a game title for play scenes plus the bed room where in fact the usage of loaded terms like “slut” can be enjoyable and hot (with all the right individual with permission within the right context). much like the bondage it self is hot and enjoyable, but only when done consensually because of the right individual within the context that is right.

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