Vastu Interior Tips For Your Home

Vastu Interior Tips For Your Home

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Vastu interior of a house is concerned with the flow of energy of that house. It’s only this flow of energy which when becomes positive, converters a house into a home. Vastu interior helps a designer to use the energy of the five elements of the nature; earth, water, fire, air and space, to radiant a house with positive energy and blessings of the God. And ultimately this is the energy which effects the life of the individuals living in that house. To help you balance this energy in your home, Dezine Innovation, the best architects in Delhi NCR has brought to you this guide.

It’s important to understand the Vastu shastra needed for the correct designing of the different sections of your home.

Let’s discuss them in detail:

  • Entrance

Home Entrance

It’s the first checkpoint for the entrance and exit of energy. If not build properly according to Vastu it can cause hindrance in the entry of positive energy into your home and can trap negative energy inside. So, it becomes important to design it according to Vastu. For this keep these points in mind.

  1. Direction: Northeast direction is considered best as it allows morning sunrays to fall on your door, but it not possible, north, east and west also works.
  2. Size: Size of the main door should be bigger than any other door in the house and preferably be in two parts.
  3. Aesthetics: It’s important for the main gate to look beautiful, whether in the sense of cleanliness, decoration of the design o name plate. A beautiful door invited the positive energy.


  • Bedroom


Bedroom is the place where you relax and dream, so energy present in it not only affects you while you are awake but also when you are asleep and can even affect your dreams. Bedroom should be designed according to following guidelines.

  1. Room Location: Master bedroom should be located in the south of the house, with other bedrooms to its east or north.
  2. Bed placement: Bed should not be in the corner or the center of the room, it should be near a wall but 2-3 inches apart. And preferably its foot should be in the north.
  3. Wall colour: Colours affect our mood and energy. Dark colours are associated with the negative energy, so walls of the bedroom should be of light shades of pink, yellow, blue and green.


  • Livingroom

Living Room

Humans are the social being and that’s the reason that living room can be find in every home, whether modern or ancient. Positive energy in living room invites wealth, happiness and prosperity. Following things should go in its designing.

  1. Direction: It goes according to the direction of the face of the house. For north or south direction houses, it should be in the northeast; for west direction houses, it should be in northwest and for southeast facing houses, it should be in south.
  2. Floor & Ceiling: Slope of floor and ceiling of the living room should be towards east or north.
  3. Furniture Setting: Furniture of the living room should be square or rectangle in shape and avoid circular furniture. Northeast corner is the fortune point, so it must be empty and clean, but can be decorated with healthy plants.


  • Kitchen


Kitchen is the source of our day long energy, but it’s also important that the food cooked in the kitchen is blessed with the good energy. If Vastu interior is taken care of while designing kitchen, it can prove to be the best source of health and motivation. Design your kitchen according to the following points.

  1. Direction: Kitchen should be in the direction where the lord of ‘Agni’ prevails, that is in the southeast direction of the house. This also applies to the appliances in the kitchen, they should also be placed in southeast direction.
  2. Colours: You should choose vibrant colours for your kitchen, to ensure happy environment in there. As the energy of the food depends a lot on the mood of the cook.
  3. Refrigerator and Drainage: Refrigerator should be placed in southwest direction and washbasin & drainage should be in north or northeast direction.


  • Staircase


As we have discussed the importance of entrance of energy into the home via main gate, it’s also important for that energy to travel freely into the whole house. And a well-designed staircase provides a way for energy to travel, but it’s also important to allow only the positive energy to spread, for this follow these rules.

  1. Direction: Staircase must be from north to south or from east to west. Any other way is considered negative and can allow passage to the negative energy.
  2. Area Under Stairs: Area under the stairs should be use for store room and bedroom should never be built in this area, as it can lead to serious health problems.
  3. Number of Steps: There should be odd number of steps as most of the people are right-handed and hence put their right foot first, and odd number of steps ensure that the person ends on right foot at the end.


To conclude, Vastu Shastra ensures the health, wealth and prosperity, but it’s also important for your home to look beautiful. So why not hire someone who can design your home for you, while taking caring of Vastu Shastra and at the same time making it more aesthetically pleasing. As the best architects in Delhi NCR we strive to achieve this balance between Vastu interior and Beauty. So, if you are willing to have your dream home build, keeping the Vastu in mind, connect with Dezine Innovation, the best architects in Delhi NCR now.

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